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    Woosters is different. An elegant, Parisian-style café by day, refined restaurant and music destination by night.

    The café and restaurant are set in historic surroundings in picturesque Emsworth. This coastal harbour town is renowned for its beauty and known for its love of food. The location in South Street is steeped in history and has been painstakingly restored with works of art, period furniture and a décor that is simply stunning.

    By day, guests can enjoy coffees and teas specially selected for their quality. Breakfasts, lunches and high teas at Woosters are all freshly prepared by our chefs.

    At night, Woosters sets the stage. Fine food and music take the spotlight and guests become its audience.

    Carefully selected live music, lighting and spacious surroundings set the tone. Combined with the finest food, wines, cigars and whisky, we create comfort and conviviality.

    “Guests can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere because at Woosters, we understand that ambience is the key.” – Sam Ralls, Owner.

    There is a large carpark situated at the rear of Woosters which is free of charge after 6pm.

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